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Outreach Express Award - Recipients

2006-2011 Contract

Topics on this page:

Year Five - May 2010 to April 2011

Recipient: Charlevoix Public Library, Charlevoix, MI
Project Director: Linda Adams
Title: Healthy Charlevoix
Amount: $4,881
Start/End Date: February 2011- April 2011
Phone: 231-237-7342

The goal of the project would be to increase awareness and usage of electronic health information resources with health professionals and patrons in our rural area. Resources include (but are not limited to) NLM databases including PubMed, MedlinePlus, Clinical and the NLM Gateway. Sample searches will be conducted focusing on local relevant health concerns, and handouts will be provided. A professional librarian will conduct 8-10 training sessions with health professionals and patrons. The sessions will take place at the Charlevoix Area Hospital, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, local service group meetings and with the general public at the library. Primary audience will be health professionals and senior citizens. The librarian will also review and update the library's existing online health resources and print resources available to patrons through the library.

Recipient: Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Statewide Program Office, Madison, WI
Project Director: Mandy Meloy
Title:Spreading the Word about Informed Caring
Amount: $4,899
Start/End Date: December 2010 - April 2011
Phone: 608-265-6323

Project will promote Informed Caring, a portal to quality health resources for those who work in health departments, federally qualified community health centers, and rural and under served health centers in Wisconsin--particularly those without access to academic or hospital libraries. Using the results from the Informed Caring Portal Improvement Project survey, which was directed at Wisconsin public health and Community Health Center professionals, WI AHEC has been updating and redesigning Informed Caring. Informed Caring, which will go live in late November, will include links to NLM databases,,, AidsInfo, etc.

Recipient: Asian Health Coalition, Chicago, IL
Project Director: Celine Woznica
Title: Touch Technology Multilingual Health Information
Amount: $4,900
Start/End Date: September 2010 - April 2011
Phone: 312-372-7070

The goal of the Touch Technology Multi-lingual Health Information Project is to make available vital health information that is culturally competent, linguistically appropriate, and easily accessible to Chicago's limited English-speaking immigrant and refugee population. This pilot project will involve a partnership among Asian Health Coalition (AHC) and four community-based organizations that provide services to Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian populations in Chicago. General information on various health and safety issues, as well as specific information on current AHC programs, will be placed on tablets, which are easy-to-use and portable. With the guidance and assistance of a partnering medical librarian, vital health information in multiple languages and various formats (written, audio, and video media) will be downloaded from reputable Internet sites such as MedlinePlus® and Healthy Roads Media. The information will be organized on the tablet in an easily navigable manner, using bilingual instructions whenever possible. Staff from the partnering agencies, including community health workers (CHW), case managers, and ESL teachers, will be trained on the use of tablet technology. In addition to the use of tablets to make health information available, training will be provided for using tablets for data gathering and processing, such as conducting community surveys.

Year Four - May 2009 to April 2010

Recipient: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago, IL
Project Director: Carol Stukey
Title: Health Information Outreach to Community Partners
Amount: $4,896
Start/End Date: January 2010 - December 2010
Phone: 773-477-4822, ext 315

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library is submitting this application for an Outreach Express Award in order to offer health information outreach to our community partners. These organizations all represent underserved populations in the Chicago area, and PCOM already has active involvement with them in terms of offering free or low-cost treatments. The requested funding is to be used to augment the collaborative efforts already in place. Most dramatically, by offering instruction in MedlinePlus, PubMed, and other NIH/NLM resources to those who serve these clients, we anticipate further empowering these caregivers in locating high-quality free information for the on-going needs of their populations. PCOM's library thus has the potential to serve an important consumer health function in the community. In order to realize this goal, we are asking for necessary hardware, software, and other peripherals to enable this project to succeed.

Recipient: Munson Health Care, Traverse City, MI
Project Director: Barbara Platts
Title: Responding to the Unexpected: National Emergency Preparedness & Response Plans for Libraries
Amount: $2,341
Start/End Date: July 2009-October 2009
Phone: 231-935-6544

The purpose of this project is to market and promote the NN/LM National Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan to member libraries in the Greater Midwest Region at the Midwest/MLA annual conference in Columbus, Ohio, October 3-6, 2009. This project will take the form of a traveling exhibit and will be available to other member libraries to utilize as needed. Many libraries in the region do not have an emergency response plan in place. This traveling exhibit will provide education and resources to support the development of local preparedness and emergency response plans.

Recipient: Heartland Health Outreach, Chicago, IL
Project Director: Judith Weinstein
Title: Expanding Multi-lingual Health Information for Immigrants and Refugees
Amount: $4,892
Start/End Date: July 2009 to December 2009
Phone: 773-751-4166

The purpose of this project is to supplement the work of an existing collaborative project between the University of Illinois at Chicago's Library of the Health Sciences and Heartland Alliance Refugee Health Programs, funded by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Multi-Lingual Health Information Access for Immigrants and Refugees (NO1-LM-6-3503). Refugee Health Programs requests funding to translate the scripts of five previously-designed health and nutrition education PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, designed specifically for use in refugee health promotion, into four target refugee languages, using translators from Heartland Alliance Cross-Cultural Interpreting Services. Native language health promoters will review and audio-record these scripts, as part of the previously funded project. All scripts will be recorded in English. The newly created multi-media health materials will be uploaded onto the Refugee Health Programs page of the Heartland Alliance Website and linked to the New Americans Health Information Portal (created under the first project) for free access and downloading by health professionals, health promoters and consumers. The PPT presentations address immediate health issues among newly arriving refugees. The presentations use simple, direct language and include descriptive art (illustrations or photographs) that reflect the diversity of the populations to which they are geared.

Recipient: Alzheimer's Association Green-Field Library and Resource Center, Chicago, IL
Project Director: Mary Ann Urbashich
Title: Improving the Green-Field Library and Resource Center's Alzheimer's Digital Library
Amount: $4,900
Start/End Date: June 2009 to May 2010
Phone: 312-335-5199

Alzheimer's disease is the 21st century's health epidemic affecting over 5 million Americans today and an estimated 16 million by mid-century. With our nation's aging population, ten million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's. The need for specialized information is growing exponentially as more families face the realities of Alzheimer's. The Alzheimer's Association is the leading organization dedicated to Alzheimer care, support, advocacy and research. In an effort to meet the increasing need for information and resources about Alzheimer's, the Alzheimer's Association identified a digital library resource as paramount and through the Association's Green-Field Library and Resource Center, the nation's largest library devoted to increasing knowledge about Alzheimer's and related dementias, launched the Improving the Digital Library initiative. We ask the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region for a $4,900 grant to support the Green-Field Library and Resource Center's implementation of enhancements to our Digital Library, moving us closer to a virtual reference library. This Initiative will facilitate user-friendly access to full library services in a digital environment and will help our constituents find information about the clinical, scientific and social aspects of Alzheimer's or related dementia via multiple methods, including a self-service modality.

Year Three - May 2008 to April 2009

Recipient: Munson Health Care, Traverse City, MI
Project Directors: Maryann Mlodzik and Barbara Platts
Title: Expecting the Unexpected
Amount: $2,122
Start/End Date: September 2008 to December 2008
Phone: 701-293-4173

The purpose of this project is to market and promote the NN/LM National Emergency Preparedness Plan to member libraries in the Greater Midwest Region at the Midwest/MHSLA annual conference in Troy, Michigan October 16-21, 2008. This project will take the form of a traveling exhibit and will be available to other member libraries to utilize as needed.

Most libraries in the region do not have an emergency response plan in place. This traveling exhibit will provide education and resources to support the development of local emergency response plans.

Recipient: University of North Dakota
Project Director: Mary Markland
Title: Women's Showcase Outreach Event
Amount: $4,859
Start/End Date: September 2008 to November 2008
Phone: 701-293-4173

Women's Showcase Outreach Event. The Women's Showcase is an annual event in Fargo, ND. The Showcase provides a variety of speakers and exhibits addressing issues of interest to women. This event will provide an excellent venue for publicizing and training people on how to use MedlinePlus and the other NLM consumer health resources. The North Dakota Go Local project will be highlighted.

Recipient: University of Illinois at Chicago, Library of the Health Sciences (Peoria), Peoria, IL
Project Director: Jo Dorsch
Title: Living Health: Promoting Wellness, Safety, and Preventative Health Care in the Heart of Illinois
Amount: $4,900
Start/End Date: August 2008 to July 2009
Phone: 309-671-8489

Healthy life styles and health screenings are known to prevent disease and to improve overall wellness, yet health care providers often do not have time to fully educate their patients and provide information resources about prevention and healthy living choices. A series of monthly consumer health seminars will serve to fill this information gap by educating the public on topics related to prevention, safety, and wellness. Faculty, residents and students of the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Public Health, and the Library of the Health Sciences will collaborate to develop programs that will raise health literacy of high-risk populations, address prevention and control of chronic diseases, and promote healthy life style choices. At each seminar participants will receive bookmarks listing sources of trusted information such as MedlinePlus and other National Library of Medicine sites, along with other trusted sites. Librarians will be present for individual information consults in conjunction with each seminar. Community partners will be invited to provide screenings and displays about their services. To increase access to the series, podcasts of each program will be made available on a project web site.

Year Two - May 2007 to April 2008

Recipient: University of Michigan Health Sciences Library, Ann Arbor, MI
Project Director: Jane Blumenthal
Title: Only the Community!
Amount: $3,355
Start/End Date: March 2008 to June 2008
Phone: 734-936-1403

The purpose of this project is to provide outreach from the Medical Library Association (MLA) to the Chicago community with 2 specific one-day programs in May 2008: Each One Teach One - MLA members will meet with public librarians at the Wrightwood-Ashburn branch public library to share experiences and expertise in working with and providing health information to the public. MLA members will sponsor and staff a Health Fair Information Table at the Rush University free health fair to offer consumer health information available from the National Library of Medicine. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to improved access accurate, timely, and reliable consumer health information.

Recipient: Advocate Health and Hospitals Corporation, Children's Health Resource Center, Park Ridge, IL
Project Director: Kathryn Smart
Title: Needs Assessment of Adolescent Health Information Needs and Related Internet Behaviors Using Focus Groups in a Northwest Chicago Suburb
Amount: $4,900
Start/End Date: October 2007 to September 2008
Phone: 847-723-9484

This pilot project will conduct a needs assessment of adolescent health information needs and related Internet behaviors using focus groups in three northwest suburban communities of Chicago. The purpose of the project is to understand these behaviors in order to determine a teen-friendly model for educating high school students on how to access accurate health information and find available local health resources. The Advocate Lutheran General (LGH) Children's Health Resource Center will conduct six to eight focus groups in order to collect data on the health information needs and related Internet behaviors of 50-90 teens at six to eight partner organizational sites, including schools and adolescent focused community agencies. During the focus groups, the project director will administer a MedlinePlus training to engage the teens in the focus group process. Findings of the focus groups will be discussed by the partner agencies in order to determine a working model for service delivery.

Year One - May 2006 to April 2007

Recipient: Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
Project Director: Sue Coenen
Title: LCD Projectors for Parish Nurses Serving Milwaukee's Central City
Amount: $4,900
Start/End Date: June 2007 to May 2008
Phone: 414-456-8427

This Outreach Express project will be carried out in conjunction with the Health Disparities Subcontract, "Making Connections: Partnering with Parish Nurses to Improve Access to Health Information in Milwaukee's Central City," which is currently being facilitated by the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Libraries in partnership with parish nurses serving Milwaukee's Central City. The nurses attended a training session at the MCW Libraries recently to learn how to find reliable health information in MedlinePlus®. During discussions with them, we learned that LCD projectors would help facilitate the parish nurses' educational efforts. The nurses could prepare PowerPoint presentations with illustrations and information from MedlinePlus on many health topics. They could also use MedlinePlus as a teaching tool, especially the Interactive Tutorials, Encyclopedia, and Health Topics sections. This Outreach Express Award will compliment the subcontract project by helping the nurses utilize the laptops and PowerPoint software more fully.

Recipient: Wegner Health Science Information Center
Project Director: Molly Youngkin
Title: Promoting NLM and Wegner Center Resources to Healthcare and Information Professionals in South Dakota
Amount: $4,900
Start/End Date: June 2007 to May 2008
Phone: 605-357-1400

The Wegner Center continues to search for opportunities to educate health professionals and the public on ways to find quality health information. Professional conferences are appropriate and effective avenues for sharing information about NLM and Wegner Center resources and services. This proposal requests funds to cover exhibitor fees for important South Dakota professional conferences. Also, to meet the growing demands for the Wegner Center to exhibit, it is imperative to purchase a tabletop backdrop to complement the one owned by the Wegner Center. Another exhibit more adequately supports the library when two exhibiting opportunities occur simultaneously. Exhibit fees and materials are expensive, but support from the NN/LM-GMR enables the Wegner Center to leverage in-house funds and respond more effectively and efficiently to outreach opportunities. Conference attendees will be asked to complete a questionnaire to asses their knowledge of quality patient education and consumer health resources (for instance, MedlinePlus®). Respondents will form a pool which the Wegner Center can use to create focus groups to identify more in-depth information needs. Work with these focus groups will enhance the Wegner Center's ability to develop and deliver effective outreach programs in South Dakota.

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