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Consumer Health Subcontract - Recipients

2006-2011 Contract

Topics on this page:

Year Four - May 2009 to April 2011

Recipient: Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital (Marianjoy Medical Library), Wheaton, IL
Project Director: Nalini Mahajan
Project Title: Information Connections: A Web Site for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities and Chronic Conditions
Amount: $39,988.00
Start/End Date: May 2010 to April 2011
Phone: 630-909-7092

Description: Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital proposes to build and promote a customized pediatric section on the Marianjoy Medical Library web site for parent of children with developmental disabilities and chronic diseases. This is a collaborative project between the Marianjoy Medical Library staff, Marianjoy Medical Clinic (MMC), and the Marianjoy Pediatric Program. Patients and families will able to access resources from these four partnering facilities and from home. The physicians & the health care team will be able to access and disseminate information to the parents and caregivers of children at the point of care.  This project will also provide the emotional support essential for the families of disabled children during the stressful and trying times by identifying and creating a unique information portal.

Recipient: The Ohio State University (John A. Prior Health Sciences Library), Columbus, OH
Project Director: Lynda Hartel
Project Title: Multiple Language Resources for Vulnerable Health Consumers Served by   Ohio's Public Libraries
Amount: $39,991.00
Start/End Date: February 2010 to April 2011
Phone: 614-292-4892

Description: The goal of this project is to improve health access to health education materials in culturally diverse, low-literacy populations served by three large Ohio public library systems and enhance the subject content available to consumers from Health Information Translations and MedlinePlus.

Recipient: Heartland Alliance (Heartland Health Outreach), Chicago, IL
Project Director: Judith Weinstein
Project Title: New Americans Library and Internet Access Project
Amount: $40,000.00
Start/End Date: November 2009 to October 2010
Phone: 773-751-4166

Description: This New Americans Library and Internet Access Project will build upon the success of a current NN/LM: GMR-funded project, New Americans Health Information Access Project (4/1/08-9/30/09), by continuing to collaborate with the University of Illinois at Chicago, Library of Health Sciences to expand access to quality electronic health and medical information for both older and newly arrived immigrants and refugees. The current project is a partnership with two branches of the Chicago Public Library located in two neighborhoods with high percentages of refugees and immigrants. In working with these institutions and the health promoters at six mutual aid associations and one resettlement agency, the project aims to improve the computer and internet literacy skills of both older and newly arrived immigrants and refugees and to continue to increase their access to quality medical and health information. It is expected that the visibility and status of the branch libraries as welcoming community centers where refugees and immigrants can seek reliable information from professionals will be enhanced, and their clientele increased.

Recipient: Southern Illinois University Medical School at Springfield (Medical Library), Springfield, IL
Project Director: JoAnn Lemaster
Project Title:Innovative Approach to Blending Health Care Provider and Consumer Knowledge about Cancer Prevention and Detection
Amount: $36,114.00
Start/End Date: November 2009 to April 2011
Phone: 217-545-7493

Description: The SimmonsCooper Cancer Institute (SCCI) is conducting an innovative program that would train healthcare professionals on the internet regarding the availability of cancer prevention and detection information at no cost. This unique training "tool kit" will provide a free online process that would outfit healthcare educators with the resources to positively impact cancer prevention, education and awareness in minority and rural communities. SCCI is collaborating with the SIU School of Medicine Medical Library and the Department of Family and Community Medicine in this significant effort to strengthen the tools needed to increase education and prevention training. The online training and resource tool kit will be offered at no cost on the Cancer Institute and School of Medicine Library web sites.

Recipient: Western Illinois University Macomb, IL
Project Director: Phyllis Self
Project Title:Building the Future with Community Health Information
Amount: $38,830.00
Start/End Date: November 2009 to April 2011.
Phone: 309-298-2762

Description: The intent of this project is to develop a community health information network for health professionals and community members in Henderson and McDonough Counties, areas which have similar but different needs. This project builds on the past success of Eagle View Community Health System ( as well as Western Illinois University (WIU) Libraries´ success in working with many community partners including the Alliance Library System (ALS), eleven public libraries in west central Illinois, and the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs who participated on an Library Services and Technical Assistance (LSTA) grant to address community development.

Recipient: Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital (Marianjoy Medical Library), Wheaton, IL
Project Director: Nalini Mahajan
Project Title: Consumer Health Subcontract: Information Connections for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities and Chronic Conditions
Amount: $11,893.00
Start/End Date: August 2009 to July 2010
Phone: 630-909-7092

Description: The project includes developing a better understanding of the health information needs of the parents of children with developmental disabilities and chronic conditions in order to identify topics of health information, and design the navigational architecture for the future web site"Information Connection". Also will establish computer access at multiple points of care and at convenient locations on campus for parents to complete the needs assessment.

Year Three - May 2008 to April 2009

Recipient: University of Iowa (Hardin Library for the Health Sciences), Iowa City, IA
Project Director: Linda Walton
Project Title: Consumer Health Subcontract: Consumer Health Information Access for Clinical Sites of the Iowa Institute on Clinical and Transitional Science (ICTS)
Amount: $29, 239.00
Start/End Date: June 2009 to November 2010
Phone: 319-335-9849

Description: This project is to provide access to consumer health information for patients and their families at four Iowa community health centers based across the state in Davenport, Waterloo, Des Moines, and Sioux City. These communities were targeted based on the number of underserved populations in the area. The library will install computers in the clinics and train both consumers and staff on accessing quality consumer health information.

Recipient: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Bio-Medical Library), Minneapolis, MN
Project Director: Michelle Brasure
Project Title: Consumer Health Subcontract: Health Literacy Program for MN Seniors (HeLP MN Seniors)
Amount: $39,595.00
Start/End Date: April 01, 2009 to March 31, 2011
Phone: 612-626-3460

Description: The goal of HeLP MN Seniors is to develop an evidence-based approach to build capacity and enhance efforts to improve the health literacy status among Minnesota seniors. This project was developed in partnership with the Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership and Boutwells Landing senior living community in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota. The goal of the project is to develop a health literacy training curriculum for seniors in Minnesota. Preliminary results from needs assessments with a group of seniors at Boutwells Landing demonstrated that these seniors felt fairly fluent in speaking with their health care providers. Key issues for them appeared to be information about drugs and supplements, engaging other seniors in becoming more knowledgeable about health and healthcare, personal health records, and advocating for patient rights. The pilot curriculum includes two parts, one focusing on communicating with health care providers and the other focusing on finding reliable health information on the Internet.

Recipient: Genesys Health System (Genesys Health Sciences Library), Grand Blanc, MI
Project Director: Doris Blauet
Project Title: Consumer Health Subcontract: CHL Access Point Program
Amount: $39,971.00
Start/End Date: December 2008 to November 2009
Phone: 810-606-5260

Description: Consumer Health Library - Health Information Access Point Program (CHL Access Point Program) is an initiative that will create a consumer friendly health web site, staffed by a consumer health librarian and accessible for assisting patients at identified community access points. Current, evidenced-based health information and web linkages will be gathered, coordinated, placed and maintained and updated on a Consumer Health Page of the Genesys Health Sciences Library web site, based in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The CHL Access Point Program is designed to encompass two specific types of Access Points: 1) Current health providers with whom patients have an established relationship; and 2) Public and hospital libraries throughout Genesee County. The CH librarian will train Access Point Navigators to support patients in accessing health information at the point of need.

Year Two - May 2007 to April 2008

Recipient: Alliance Library System, Pekin, IL
Project Director: Lori Bell
Project Title: Share the Health: Training People with Disabilities and Chronic Medical Conditions on How to Locate Quality Health Information
Amount: $35,000
Start/End Date: April 2008 to April 2009
Phone: 309-694-9230

Description: Alliance Library System proposes to work with other groups in Second Life to build a customized health information orientation center for individuals with disabilities or chronic diseases who join the virtual world. In addition to customized orientation activities about Second Life, the orientation center will have a teaching and training center where new virtual world residents will learn how to search for and locate quality health information.

Recipient: Gunderson Lutheran Medical Center, LaCrosse, WI
Project Director: Melinda Orebaugh
Project Title: Great Rivers Partners for Health-E People
Amount: $34,995
Start/End Date: January 2008 to June 2009
Phone: 608-775-5406

Description: The goal of the following proposal is to raise awareness of health literacy in our communities. To reach our health practitioners, we will design a brief online course that will give them strategies for quickly assessing the level of health literacy in their patients. It will also provide them with some methods for determining patient understanding. It will incorporate a brief evaluation for each person taking the course. To reach our consumer population, we will develop a DVD based on the AskMe3 principles. The DVD will be available online, from the same web site as the practitioner online course, but we will also take it to various locations and present it to consumer groups. We will also use it to train information providers (public librarians, Great Rivers 2-1-1 staff, literacy instructors, etc.) so they will be able to make the proper referrals and so they will be knowledgeable in communicating in plain language about health issues. We will also develop a small booklet for patients to take with them anytime they visit with a health practitioner: doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, therapist, etc. It will contain the AskMe3 questions, allow for medication information, and personal medical information. It will be distributed by practitioners, libraries, pharmacies, senior centers, nursing homes, etc.

Recipient: University of Michigan, Health Sciences Library, Ann Arbor, MI
Project Director: Jane Blumenthal
Project Title: Creating Health Information Connections for Persons with Disabilities
Amount: $11,983
Start/End Date: November 2007 to October 2008
Phone: 734-936-1403

Description: Creating Health Information Connections for Persons with Disabilities is a collaborative project between the University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries and the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living. This project covers three primary components: staff sensitivity training, a health-information needs assessment, and customized instructional sessions. The staff sensitivity training, conducted by members of the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living, will give the Health Sciences Libraries staff a foundation for improved communication and appropriate instructional practice for working with the local population with disabilities. A series of customized, in-person instructional sessions will be developed to address the assessed health information needs of the population. These sessions will seek to increase awareness and improve access to vital health information, while considering the unique needs of the population with disabilities. This project will also indirectly support the Ann Arbor Commission for Disability Issues and their goal for obtaining the national designation of a disability friendly community.

Year One - May 2006 to April 2007

Recipient: Alliance Library System, Pekin, IL
Project Director: Lori Bell
Project Title: Providing Consumer Health Outreach and Library Programs to Virtual World Residents
Amount: $40,000
Start/End Date: November 2006 to April 2008
Phone: 800-426-0709

Description: In April 2006, Alliance Library System began to establish a full-service library in Second Life, a three-dimension virtual reality world with more than 300,000 global participants. In this virtual world, an individual can participate in almost everything they can in real life: buy land, purchase homes, start a business, make friends, and more. In creating a library for these citizens we have quickly discovered that consumer health information is one of the most important services we could provide. As more and more people of all ages use the Internet and spend increasing amounts of time online, we want to reach users where they are. Through "Providing Consumer Health Outreach and Library Services to Virtual World Residents" the Alliance Second Life Library will provide training programs, outreach to virtual medical communities, important consumer health resources, and one-on-one support to Second Life residents.

Recipient: Royal Oak Public Library, Royal Oak, MI
Project Director: Metta Lansdale
Project Title: Royal Oak Health Information Portal
Amount: $12,000
Start/End Date: May 2007 to April 2008
Phone: 248-246-3700

Description: The Royal Oak Health Information Portal is designed to provide quality health information services provided by the public library and a venue for health information delivery provided by clinical and research specialists within the Royal Oak community. The project positions the public library as a reliable source of personal health information for the citizens of Royal Oak Michigan through partnership with the acclaimed William Beaumont Hospital, headquartered in Royal Oak. A health information portal from the public library web pages, a community health lecture series for larger audiences, a "curriculum" of focused workshops that will outline best practices for finding information on the internet for specified health conditions, resource talks for smaller groups, and facilitation of smaller self help groups initiated by health providers and supported by the facility and resources of the public library are the deliverables planned for this project.

Recipient: Alliance Library System, Pekin, IL
Project Director: Lori Bell
Project Title: Libraries MUVE (Multi-User Environment) Consumers Into Accessibility Awareness
Amount: $12,000
Start/End Date: May 2007 to April 2008
Phone: 800-426-0709

Description: Alliance Library System proposes to build upon the consumer health outreach already occurring in the 3D virtual world of Second Life with a subcontract from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region with an examination, exhibits, programs, and awareness about accessibility and assistive technology for Second Life residents. Through "Libraries MUVE (Multi-User Environment) Consumers Into Accessibility Awareness." The Alliance Library System and its project partners will develop and host an exhibit, program, and create awareness through the Metaverse Messenger, the Second Life newspaper, about virtual world and game accessibility and assistive technology. Sets of exhibits/programs, and awareness activities will center on the use of gaming and virtual worlds for the following groups of underserved users: mobility or dexterity challenges; visual impairments; blindness; deaf and hearing impaired; and those with learning disabilities.

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