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Archive for the ‘Consumer Health’ Category

Hardin’s Consumer Health LibGuide in the Limelight

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

By Chris Childs
Education & Outreach Librarian
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences
University of Iowa

After getting past the initial shock that the National Library of Medicine was terminating Go Local and that Iowa Go Local would be gone within a few months, I saw this as a great opportunity to bring the Hardin Library’s consumer health LibGuide out into the limelight. For the past two years, the LibGuide always seemed to be in Iowa GoLocal’s shadow, and I sought to bring it to a place of prominence. (more…)

Minnesota GoLocal to End July 1

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

By Karla Block
Go Local librarian
Health Sciences Libraries,
University of Minnesota

Early this spring, the National Library of Medicine announced that it will discontinue the MedlinePlus Go Local initiative beginning in spring and continuing throughout 2010. More details about this decision are available in an NLM Technical Bulletin article ( from April 2010.

MyHealth Minnesota Go Local ( will come to an end on July 1, 2010 when the site is decommissioned. The University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries and other Go Local partners will continue to provide quality consumer health resources and outreach even after Go Local ends.

Minnesota’s Go Local page will be redirected to the University of Minnesota’s Health Sciences Libraries’ Resources for Personal Health page ( for reliable health resources and tools to locate health services in Minnesota. Users may also find MedlinePlus ( and its directories page ( useful alternatives to Go Local.

Providing Native American Consumer Health Information

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

By Fran Kovach
Reference & Education Librarian
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Springfield, IL

On June 4-6, 2010, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Library participated in the 5th Annual Taylorville Black Horse Pow Wow in Taylorville, Illinois, at the Christian County Fairgrounds. This is the second year that we participated at this event.

SIU School of Medicine  exhibit at pow wowPeople came from the Christian and Sangamon county areas, as well as other cities in Illinois. Others attending were from the states of Alabama, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. The 14 Tribes/Nations represented Apache, Blackfeet, Cherokee, Catawba, Comanche, Cree, Kiowa, Mohawk, Meskwaki, Navajo, Ogalala, Oneida, Ponka, and Sioux. Native American Health Information and MedlinePlus, pamphlets, bookmarks, and pens were distributed from our exhibit booth. Dancing, drumming, singing, and returning to a traditional diet of Native American foods such as corn, squash, beans, berries, and melons can improve physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Summer Sun, Sand and Fun(ding)

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Happy summer to the members of the GMR! According to the National Weather Service, although astronomical summer is still days away, June 1 launched meteorological summer. Time to celebrate the season of sand, sun and fun(ding)! With the annual MLA conference over and Memorial Day a memory, if you’re like me, thoughts now turn to what else but great outreach and other projects.

On May 1, NN/LM GMR entered into its fifth year (May 1, 2010 through April 30, 2011) of the 2006-2011 contract with the National Library of Medicine. As a result, there is no time for those larger, longer projects that the GMR funds as subcontracts to get underway and completed before the end of our contract year. However, if you have ideas for technology improvement, a small outreach opportunity or an exhibit showcasing NLM and other resources, the GMR might have just the sort of funding option to help. (more…)

MedlinePlus Redesign Preview: Comments Welcome!

Monday, May 24th, 2010


MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español will debut a new design in summer 2010.  Many of the changes are based on feedback NLM received from users.

Redesign features:

  • Emphasizes search and makes navigation more intuitive
  • Frequently used content is easier to find
  • New MedlinePlus logo for strong product branding
  • Web 2.0 technologies that help users share content
  • Distinctive color schemes for English and Spanish pages

To get a sneak peek at what’s coming, please go to to start your tour.

There is a feedback form on the bottom of every page. Your comments are welcome!

Michigan VISIONS and MedlinePlus

Friday, May 14th, 2010

By Anna Ercoli Schnitzer
Liaison/Disabilities Librarian
Taubman Health Sciences Library
University of Michigan

Three staff members of the University of Michigan A. Alfred Taubman Health Sciences Library staffed a table at the biennial VISIONS Conference on May 12, 2010. Originally sponsored by the Washtenaw County Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled, this is an event currently organized and presented by the Ann Arbor District Library as an occasion for vendors to demonstrate technological advances that will be helpful to people who are visually impaired. The conference is held at Washtenaw Community College in Ypsilanti, Michigan and usually attracts about 500 or more participants and some of them travel considerable distances to attend. (more…)

Learning your Vitamin A, Bs and C

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

MedlinePlus, the premiere consumer health site from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, has newly updated pages on some of the basics: vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K. Check them out.

B Vitamins:

Vitamin A:

Vitamin C:

Vitamin D:

Vitamin E:

Vitamin K: (more…)

Green-Field Virtual Library Launched

Monday, February 8th, 2010

by Mary Ann Urbashich
Associate Director
Green-Field Library and Resource Center
Chicago, IL

The Alzheimer’s Association Green-Field Library is pleased to announce a new Virtual Library at  The new web page has been made possible by an Outreach Express Award from NN/LM Greater Midwest Region.   Green-Field Library serves diverse populations and an expansive geographic area through the national headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and a network of 74 chapter organizations nationwide.  Since 1991 the library has grown to house a collection of 6,000 books and videos and 150 journals.  In 2009 we responded to 4500 questions and distributed a thousand articles through interlibrary loan. (more…)

New MCH Library Knowledge Path on Dental Health

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

The Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University in collaboration with the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center (OHRC) released a new edition of the knowledge path about oral health for infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant women.

Presented in time for National Children’s Dental Health Month in February, this electronic guide points to resources that analyze data, describe effective programs, and report on policy and research aimed at improving access to and the quality of oral health care. The knowledge path contains sections with resources for professionals, resources for consumers, and resources on specific aspects of oral health. (more…)

MyHealtheVet and MedlinePlus Magazine: A Natural in North Dakota

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

by Diane Nordeng
Medical Librarian
VA Medical Center
Fargo, ND

MyHealtheVet ( is an award-winning website that was developed for the veterans in the Fall of 2003. It is an online Personal Health Record and offers veterans access to Veterans Administration (VA) health care any time through the internet. MyHealtheVet is the gateway to web-based tools that empower veterans to become better partners in their health care. The site is constantly adding new features and the latest is the capability of the veteran to order prescriptions online by seeing the names of the drugs–not just numbers. Future features will include access to lab results, appointments and secure messaging to the provider.

At the Fargo North Dakota VA Medical Center, the Library and Education staff work together to assist veterans with MyHealtheVet registration, In-Person-Authentication and general orientation to the website. One of the Medical Library links on this website is a link to Medlineplus®, and it seemed like a natural fit to have copies of the NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine available to give to the veterans in connection with registering for this website and also an excellent opportunity to advertise this great magazine. They can take a copy home and if they like it, sign up for a free subscription with the card included.

It’s a win-win situation for the veterans and NLM!