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GMR Update

January 2015

GMR News

Staff Update

If you have called the GMR office within the past few months, you may have spoken to Christina Heinrich, the GMR's temporary Project Assistant. Christina has accepted a full-time permanent position with the GMR as of 19 January 2015. Christina will continue to be the voice at the other end the GMR's telephone line. In Region, call 1-800-338-7657 and press one (1) for the Regional Network Office; or direct at 312-996-2464.

Native Voices: Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness

This traveling exhibit is currently in the GMR, on display at the Trickster Gallery in Shaumburg, IL. The opening ceremony was held on January 25th with a warm reception which included ceremonial drumming, inter-tribal dancing, and distinguished speakers. The inaugural opening of this exhibit happened at Cankdeska Cikana Community College, Devils Lake, ND, in October 2013. Here is the video for the inaugural exhibit opening:

New Funding Opportunities

The GMR plans to offer a number of funding opportunities in Option Year 4 (May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016). All awards are contingent on National Library of Medicine approval and funding. There may be minor changes to wording, but the essence of the award will remain. We expect to make the Call for Application sometime in mid-February with applications for the awards due around March 23, 2015.

  • The GMR is planning on funding the Target Project awards for up to $15,000. These are projects in focused areas including Community and Patient-Centered Research, Evidence-Based Librarianship, e-Science Initiatives, and Health Information Technologies. If you wish to begin to prepare a proposal, see the Call for Application wording for Option Year 3 at
  • The Community College, Community Engagement, Hospital Library and Tech Improvement awards will be funded for up to $4,500. For more information, see the Call for Application wording for Option Year 3 at
  • The GMR is planning on again offering the Professional Development awards for up to $1,500. The award is intended for individuals at member institutions and for organizations or institutions when doing continuing education events, such as conferences. The wording for the Call for Application is not yet available. There will be a rolling submission deadline for this award.
  • The GMR expects to fund Exhibit & Event awards for up to $1,200. For Option Year 4, we will consider applications requesting funding of Traveling Exhibit expenses, such as shipping, registration fees, and travel. Since there is a rolling submission deadline for this award, you may apply for this award now and in Option Year 4.
  • We also plan to continue sponsoring the registration costs for selected MLA webcasts. When webinars are announced, GMR will put out a call for host institutions.
  • In early summer, the GMR is expecting to request applicants for the Student Outreach Award, with individual funding for up to $1,000. Please encourage people who fit in this category to apply. Last year's Student Outreach awardee reports are below.

Student Outreach Award Reports

The six awardees of the Student Outreach Award who received funding to attend the 2014 Midwest Chapter Medical Library Association Meeting in Bismarck, ND, last October have posted their reflections on their experiences to the GMR blog, The Cornflower. Take a look:

Education and Training Opportunities

Upcoming GMR classes and presentations. To register for GMR webinars and online classes go to View Training Opportunities at

  • January 2015
    • Lake Effects: PubMed Update - What's New in 2015. Online, Thursday, January 15, 2015. (MLA CE through January 30, 2015)
      Presenter: Katherine Majewski, Librarian, U.S. National Library of Medicine
    • Making PubMed Work for You. Online (NN/LM Moodle), January 19 - February 6, 2015
      Facilitator: Holly Ann Burt, MLIS, AHIP, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator, NN/LM GMR
  • March 2015
    • Lake Effects: NLM Resources for Community College Librarians: Consumer Health Information. Online, March 19, 2015. (MLA CE through April 2, 2015)
      Presenter: Samanthi Hewakapuge, MLS, MA, Consumer Health Coordinator, NN/LM GMR
    • Chemicals, Drugs and Genetics Oh My!: Searching PubMed and Beyond. Online (NN/LM Moodle), March 2 - March 27, 2015
      Facilitator: Holly Ann Burt, MLIS, AHIP, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator, NN/LM GMR
  • April 2015
    • PubMed for Experts. Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group (MDMLG), Detroit, MI, April 2, 2015
      Facilitator: Holly Ann Burt, MLIS, AHIP, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator, NN/LM GMR
    • Emergency Preparedness for Libraries. Northeastern Ohio Medical Librarians, Akron, OH, April 3, 2015
      Facilitator: Holly Ann Burt, MLIS, AHIP, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator, NN/LM GMR
    • Lake Effects: Current Topics in Public Health. Online, April 16, 2015. (MLA CE through April 30, 2015)
      Presenter: Cortland Lohff, MD, MPH, City of Chicago Department of Public Health
    • PubMed and the Evidence-Based Universe. Cincinnati Area Health Sciences Libraries Association (CAHSLA), Cincinnati, OH, April 28, 2015
      Facilitator: Holly Ann Burt, MLIS, AHIP, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator, NN/LM GMR

NTC Classes (for schedules and to register, visit:

GMR Exhibits:

The GMR will be exhibiting at and sponsoring exhibits at a number of upcoming events. To volunteer to help staff an exhibit, contact the State Contact Librarian.

  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition, Chicago, IL, April 13-16, 2015
  • Indiana Health Sciences Library Association, Lafayette, IN, April 23-24

NLM Traveling Exhibitions in our Region:

General information:
Find an Exhibition Near You map at:

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  • Kate Carpenter, Director
  • Beth Layton, Associate Director
  • Holly Ann Burt, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator
  • Samanthi Hewakapuge, Consumer Health Coordinator
  • Jacqueline Leskovec, Outreach, Planning and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Irene Williams, Network Services Coordinator
  • Vacant, Technology Coordinator
  • Rosalva Medina, Business Services Specialist
  • Christina Heinrich, Project Assistant
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