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Overview: Outreach Evaluation Resource Center (OERC)

Librarians and health educators conduct programs to improve access to health information. The OERC provides assistance in developing well-planned evaluation to help target and measure outreach success.

About the OERC

The OERC builds capacity for health information outreach evaluation in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM). When evaluation is an integral part of an outreach project, participants can identify approaches that work well, learn from experiences, make mid-course corrections, and recognize accomplishments. Through evaluation, members of the NN/LM and staff of the Regional Medical Libraries can demonstrate to partners and stakeholders that efforts have made a difference...more information

The OERC also facilitates planning and evaluation of cross-regional outreach collaboration... more information


News and discussion about health information outreach.

Publications from the OERC

Planning and Evaluating Health Information Outreach Projects:

Picture of covers of the 3 booklets

The second edition (2013) of this popular series of three booklets by Cynthia Olney and Susan Barnes presents step-by-step planning and evaluation methods. Along with providing information about evaluation, each booklet includes a case study and worksheets to assist with outreach planning. The booklets are designed to supplement Measuring the Difference: Guide to Planning and Evaluating Health Information Outreach and to support evaluation workshops.

Measuring the Difference: Guide to Planning and Evaluating Health Information Outreach:

Picture of the cover of the Guide

This 130-page guide from September 2000 is a primer (including tools and resources) for planning and evaluating health information programs. It was developed by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region and the National Library of Medicine.


Workshops on Planning and Evaluation

Tools and Resources for Health Information Outreach Evaluation