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Value of Libraries Planning Study – Middle Atlantic Region

The goal of this study is to develop a research plan and proposal to measure the value of the health sciences library, library services, and the librarian. The idea for a study on the value of libraries came from a discussion of the MAR’s RAC meeting held at New York University Medical Center on November 17, 2006. Out of that discussion emerged the issue of establishing the value of health sciences libraries to administrators in hospitals, academic health sciences centers, and other organizations where librarians work.

One frequently cited study in the RAC discussion was the “Rochester study”.  In discussing both the need for a value of libraries study, and the impact of the Rochester study – cited over 95 times since its publication in 1992 – the RAC came to the conclusion that before engaging in the research study itself considerable time, effort and thinking needed to go into what a research study would look like.

Objectives of the Value of Libraries Planning Study:

  1. To inform the research plan by seeking input from health sciences libraries of various types and sizes and in various geographic locations within MAR
  2. To determine the value domain(s) to be measured: patient care (information for providers, patients), education, research, administration, community health
  3. To determine the library products or services to be evaluated, and to identify key activities that are directly related to the quality of those products or services.
  4. To identify and outline the outcomes to be measured.
  5. To develop a study design and timeframe for the study.
  6. To determine MAR participants in the initial research study.
  7. To develop a plan that is replicable, and to suggest methods for replication.
  8. To determine likely sources of funding for the research study.

Please visit the web site for further details on the study, a listing of committee members, and the project timeline,

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