NN/LM Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative

To help mitigate the impact of disasters on communities, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) implemented the following emergency preparedness and response plan in 2008 to help all libraries maintain their core information resources and services following disaster, for the health and general well-being of their communities.  The Initiative touches on every element of the emergency preparedness cycle: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery..

Local Planning:
All libraries should have an up-to-date one page Business Continuity Plan, which is their road map for maintaining core services and resources following a disaster or service disruption.  A template for NN/LM’s one page plan can be downloaded at http://nnlm.gov/ep/disaster-plan-templates/.

NN/LM Emergency Response Action Plan

Green: No Assistance Required
A library is able to handle the situation within its institution or locally, according to its level of preparedness and the viability of its existing disaster plan.

Yellow: Assistance Requested (Communication Channels Available)

  • affected library contacts back-up library and RML Office
  • RML Office contacts Regional/State Coordinator (if applicable)
  • RML Office de-activates affected member’s DOCLINE lending, if necessary (if applicable)
  • determination is made if additional services or resources are needed for service continuity
  • affected library notifies RML Office when services have been restored, RML Office notifies Regional/State Coordinator (if applicable)

Red: Assistance Needed (No Communication)
In the event that there is no communication from either the affected library or its back-up library, the RML Office will de-activate DOCLINE lending for the affected Network member (if applicable or if aware of the situation) and contact the Regional/State Coordinator, but no other response will be initiated pending re-establishment of communication.


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