Pandemic Planning Resources

Emergency planners everywhere are monitoring the status of the H1N1 virus.  This page contains information to help libraries develop a pandemic plan.

Pandemic Planning Table:  created by the Coordinator and Project Assistant; shows the pandemic planning process based on Levels, including descriptions of the levels and the steps of the planning process.  (PDF version:  Pandemic Planning Table)

Pandemic plan CMHSL public:  how the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library pandemic planning group used the Pandemic Planning Table to assess its preparedness for dealing with a possible surge of H1N1 or seasonal influenza.

Pandemic Planning Information for Libraries: an excerpt from the Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan of UVa’s Health Sciences Library. It distinguishes between an epidemic and a pandemic, and designates services to maintain in the event that the library is closed or minimally staffed due to an epidemic or pandemic. It includes a table that designates the roles that library personnel will play in the response to an epidemic or pandemic that forces changes to provision of library services.

Pandemic Planning Issues: a list of the “players” needed to develop an effective process for service continuity from off-site during a pandemic, as well as a list of issues that arose as a result of a table top exercise at an academic health sciences library.

Minimal Staffing Procedures: an example of procedures created to enable the library to be opened and minimally staffed in the event of an epidemic/pandemic or other emergency that prevents most staff from reporting to work, but when the library’s infrastructure and internet are functioning.

Service Continuity Plan for Interlibrary Loan:  article about interlibrary loan backup plan between the University of Virginia Health Sciences Library and the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill that appeared in April 2009 issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association.

Archived postings from the Toolkit on “Pandemics/Epidemics”

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