Library Disaster Stories

disaster stories

Click on the image above to find stories from around the U.S. related to disasters that have affected library operations.  The stories contain valuable insights from library directors and others about disastrous events, and some powerful “lessons learned” from these experiences that can enrich the emergency preparedness process for everyone.  Many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

These stories were originally gathered by Robin Featherstone when she was an NLM Associate.  Emily Vardell, a subsequent NLM Associate, continued work on the project.  For more information on how Robin went about collecting these stories, click here for an article from the Journal of the Medical Library Association.

Add your story:

If you have a story to contribute to our “Library Disaster Stories,” please download the Incident Reporting Form for Libraries, fill it out, attach it to an email, and sent it to our site administrator, Dan Wilson, at  Instructions are on the form, including a mailing address if you’d prefer to send in the report on paper.


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