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Tornado Derails a Train Video

Here’s a compelling video of a train being derailed by a tornado in Illinois back in January 2008.

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Information on Natural Disasters

Click here to view a wonderfully illustrated and very informative web page from National Geographic.  The page provides information on tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, and earthquakes, and includes maps and case studies.

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Tornado Season Approaching

After the active winter season that many of us have experienced, it’s hard to believe that tornado season is right around the corner.  Although tornadoes can occur during any month, there are statistically defined tornado seasons for all states (see … Continue reading

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Introduction to Disaster Planning for Libraries

Click here to view an 8:51 screencast that I did of the importance of disaster planning in libraries.  The focus of the screencast is on major disasters that can greatly impact library operations.

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