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New Tornado Video and Map from NOAA EVL

Click on the link below to view an interesting video of April’s tornado outbreak from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory: Also, click on this map to see a visual representation of tornado activity in the US from 1950-2010:

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Tornado Response in SE/A Region of NN/LM

SE/A is doing a great job responding to the impact of tornadoes in their region.  Here’s a situation update they published recently in SE/A Currents:  Click on the map below to see the extent of the tornado activity.

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Storm Prediction Center

Tornadoes are wreaking havoc across the continental U. S. this month, even in states not usually considered to be at high risk, such as Virginia.  The jury appears to be still out on why–global warming?  Better detection technology and reporting?  Probably some … Continue reading

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Peak Tornado Season Approaches

As you can see from the NOAA map below (click to enlarge), peak tornado activity occurs at different months of the year.  March, for example, begins peak tornado season for states in the Southeast, whereas peak tornado season in New … Continue reading

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