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Crane Video

Step 1 of our training class “A 10-Step Approach to Service Continuity Planning” deals with risk assessment. Being aware of the risk that nearby construction poses is pointed out in that Step. Ever wonder how those cranes get up so … Continue reading

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New Tools for California Residents

Second-generation maps of tsunami impact zones for the California coastline are now available.  These maps show areas of the coast that would be vulnerable to giant waves generated by an undersea earthquake.  Also, California residents now have a site that … Continue reading

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Introduction to Disaster Planning for Libraries

Click here to view an 8:51 screencast that I did of the importance of disaster planning in libraries.  The focus of the screencast is on major disasters that can greatly impact library operations.

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Dallas, Philadelphia, and Boston

This past week, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Boston were elevated to Homeland Security’s Tier 1 list of urban areas at high risk for terrorism.  Tier 1 status means that additional funding is available for increased security measures. Cities in Tier 1: … Continue reading

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