Pandemic Flu Conference Webcast

Here’s a link to a regional pandemic flu conference that was held last year at the Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, Washington.


This three-part talk addresses how Harborview Medical Center is working together with the hospitals in Seattle, King County, and King County Public Health to create an emergency health care coalition – of hospitals, pandemic flu planning and emergency preparedness, and the biology of pandemic influenza – and what we have learned from it in the past.

Johnese Spisso, chief operating officer, Harborview Medical Center

Chris Martin, administrative director, Emergency Services, Harborview Medical Center

Timothy Dellit, MD, assistant professor of medicine, Medical Director, Antibiotic Management Program, Harborview Medical Center


New Pandemic Warning System

If you look through the latest pandemic preparedness report from the CDC (link to report in posting below), you’ll see that the new pandemic warning system is in categories, similar to hurricane warnings.  To read about the new warning system, click here for an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.