Wake-up Call!

Check this out!  Did we think that our procedures are fine for shelter-in-place?  Take a look at this document from the “Redefining Readiness” work group, authored by some very well-spoken people from the New York Academy of Medicine.  Having any procedure is better than none, I suppose, but the questions raised by this document are as good as “lessons learned” before the event happens!  Back to the drawing board we go!

Leadership Forum on Pandemic Planning

The Leadership Forum on Pandemic Planning begins tomorrow in Washington, DC.  A blog summit has been going on since May 23rd.  Here’s a link to a posting on that blog by Michael Redlener, Director, National Center of Disaster Preparedness, Columbia University, titled “Preparing for Pandemics: What We Need to Do Now.”  Note his concern about hospitals being prepared for a pandemic …

“But the problem is that we will need the response and treatment capacity of our hospitals and health care facilities to be in optimal condition if and when we actually experience a serious pandemic. And, if we continue along the track we’re currently on, the hospitals will not, in the foreseeable future, be ready.”