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Web sites or other citations that provide information about emergency preparedness and response.

Crowdsourcing Disasters

Interesting article on the use of social media to assist in determining disaster response…check here:  Crowdsourcing, Disasters, and Trust.

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Lightning Season

Last week was “Lightning Safety Week,” according to FEMA.  Visit the NOAA page here to learn more about lightning and how to reduce the risk for yourself and those around you of being struck or injured by lightning.  In an average … Continue reading

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Storm Prediction Center

Tornadoes are wreaking havoc across the continental U. S. this month, even in states not usually considered to be at high risk, such as Virginia.  The jury appears to be still out on why–global warming?  Better detection technology and reporting?  Probably some … Continue reading

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One-Shelf Disaster Library (List of Titles)

I just received a request for a list of the titles on the one-shelf disaster library.  These titles were selected by consensus of readers of the Disaster Information Outreach listserv.  Links to WorldCat records are included. Harrison’s principles of internal … Continue reading

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