Kudos to Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, Mississippi

The physicians, staff and friends of Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, Mississippi, have raised $13,500 for the Sumter Regional Hospital.  (Gulfport was one of the towns hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.)  “So many people assisted us in our time of need, and we felt that now it was our turn to show support to someone else in need,” said David Estorge, Memorial Foundation president.  Click here to read the complete article from SunHerald.com.

Sumter Regional Hospital

Following is a quotation from an article about the recovery efforts of Sumter Regional Hospital that appeared recently in the Washington Post. The article presents a look into the enormity of the recovery efforts as well as the area’s desire to keep physicians from being displaced.

From the article …

“We’re trying to be good neighbors,” said Doug Patten, director of medical affairs at Phoebe Putney Memorial Center in Albany, 40 miles away. “We feel the connection between the physicians and the patients is critical and when we can preserve that, we ought to.”

Patten said his hospital wants to ensure that Americus suffers no “Katrina effect” in which health care providers have nowhere to practice.

Hurricane Katrina disrupted the health-delivery system along the Gulf Coast, causing an acute shortage of doctors, nurses and other medical workers. Nearly 6,000 doctors were uprooted. Researchers called it the largest displacement of physicians in U.S. history.


In September, the US Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve the Warning, Alerts and Response Network (WARN) Act. The WARN Act will create a national alert system by providing Americans with emergency information sent directly to their cell phones and other wireless devices.