Hurricane Irene

Libraries in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and New England have less than three days to put plans in place for the potential impact of Hurricane Irene.  If your library is within or near the projected path (see map below) you should be making plans now as it’s currently looking like Irene will make landfall over the weekend.  What should you be planning?

  • make sure weekend staff know how to contact the appropriate individuals should problems occur
  • weekend staff should also be aware of where your sheets of plastic are kept in the event of leaks or flooding
  • have a plan in place to announce closing information through multiple sources
  • have a copy of your disaster plan, preferably your one-page Service Continuity PReP
  • have contact information for your backup library and your Regional Medical Library (1-800-DEV-ROKS)

North Carolina HSLs Preparing for Irene

Rick Peterson, Deputy Director of the Duke University Medical Center Library, has initiated a test of the North Carolina HSLs email communication system in preparation for possible landfall of Hurricane Irene later this week.  Representatives of libraries participating  in their Mutual Aid Agreement are currently responding to Rick’s test message.  Following this test, the backup communication system will also be tested.  Kudos to North Carolina for leading the way in demonstrating how a state or network can respond collectively to a disaster.

Watching Irene

All libraries in Southeastern Atlantic coastal states, particularly Florida, should begin making plans for the potential landfall of Hurricane Irene later this week.  Irene struck Puerto Rico last night with heavy rains and winds.

June 1st: 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins

In the midst of a very active tornado season, libraries in hurricane prone areas should begin making hurricane preparations. You will find many resources on this Toolkit to assist you. Please let us know if you need any help finding them.

Here’s an interesting time-lapse video of the 2010 hurricane season:

Click the following URL for a list of names for the 2011 season: