Hurricane Tabletop Drill

Using Hurricane Isabel as the scenario, we just had performed a tabletop drill with our webmaster. The focus of the drill was on resource access and communication under the following circumstances: 1) just the Library is out of power, 2) the entire region is without power, and 3) the entire region is without power and the hospital is operating under generated power.

As a result of the drill, here are a couple of things that we will be working on this summer:

  • Developing a WordPress blog that will provide emergency information. Postings from this blog will be activated on our Library’s home page in the event of a disaster.
  • Utilizing a PDA phone as a multi-functional communication devise (phone, IM, and WordPress web page editing) in the event of a disaster.

Bomb Threat Drills

Our Circulation staff are going through a series of bomb threat drills in order to improve response.  Here’s a message from our Circulation supervisor summarizing this past weekend’s activities:

Starting this past weekend we’ve been running table top bomb threat drills in the Circulation department. And I have to say the results have been very mixed and highly instructive.

 The biggest thing the drills have been pointing out is our need to continue running drills.  It provides good one-on-one opportunities to see how desk staff would react to an unexpected phone call with a bomb threat at the other end.

Basically the drill runs like this:  I phone in (from a phone other than my cell phone) and say:  “Ok…this is your bomb threat drill.  What would you do if I phoned in and said the following…”  and then we proceeded to run the bomb threat interview.

At the end of the phone call we’d review what happened and discuss what we’d do differently.

The results?  Well, let’s just say we’ll be running the drills a little longer to give everyone a chance to learn to improve their bomb threat response skills.

So circ staff…. beware… when you least suspect it that phone is going to ring and there will be another drill coming your way.