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Smallpox Vaccine

I had my flu shot this morning, which, for some reason, made me think of the smallpox vaccine. According to the CDC, the United States has a big enough stockpile of the smallpox vaccine for everyone in the United States. … Continue reading

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Wake-up Call!

Check this out!  Did we think that our procedures are fine for shelter-in-place?  Take a look at this document from the “Redefining Readiness” work group, authored by some very well-spoken people from the New York Academy of Medicine.  Having any … Continue reading

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Continuous Cycle of Preparedness

 Below is an excerpt from Disaster Planning Drills and Readiness Assessment presenting a continuous cycle of disaster preparedness.  The emphasis of the entire brief is on bioterrorism planning for hospitals. The Continuous Cycle of Disaster Preparedness Assemble an interdisciplinary team … Continue reading

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Surge Capacity

The CDC has released a publication titled, In a Moment’s Notice: Surge Capacity for Terrorist Bombings.  The 57-page document contains a lot of good information and proposed solutions for handling a patient surge following a terrorist bombing.

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