How Ready is Your Library?

We can help you better prepare your library for a disaster.  In addition, we can help you demonstrate great value to your community or institution by providing you with tools for becoming a partner in emergency preparedness & response planning.

Take this test.  How many of the items below are practiced at your library?  Want a better score?  Please contact us at 434-924-0193 or

  1.  We have a response station that includes posted response procedures and ready access to tools (e.g., flashlights, first aid kit, bullhorn, plastic, battery operated radio, etc.) for handling an emergency
  2. We have a one page pocket response plan (PReP) that is updated at least quarterly
  3. We have identified shelter-in-place location(s) for tornadoes, shooter, HAZMAT incidents
  4. We have a communications plan that incorporates redundancy of communication (such as what to do if cell phones don’t work) and procedures for updating website, Facebook, and/or Twitter. 
  5. We practice situation awareness reporting (What, When, and Where) before, during, and after a service disruption
  6. We have a disaster team with the following representation: 1. EP&R Coordinator; 2. Agency Administrator (usually the library director); 3. Communications Coordinator; 4. Information Technology Coordinator; 5. Facilities Liaison; 6. Online Content Coordinator; 7. Staffing Coordinator; and 8. Special Collections Coordinator (smaller libraries are likely to have one person covering multiple roles)
  7. We perform at least one evacuation drill per year.
  8. We take part in at least two table-top exercises per year (one for a planned incident and one for an unplanned incident).
  9. Our core print materials are easily available if power is down or internet is compromised.
  10. The servers that house core online resources are on extended or unlimited emergency power.
  11. We have a Mutual Aid Agreement with another library to assist us in the  delivery of core services.
  12. We have a prioritized recovery list of all valuable and hard to replace materials.
  13. We have a partnership (contract not required) with a commercial salvage and recovery company (e.g., Belfor, BMS, Munters) for recovery of valuable and hard to replace materials.
  14. All our disaster team members know the importance of 72-hour preparedness.
  15. We perform an After-action Review within 7 days of a service disruption.